How to Reverse a Caravan, RV or Trailer

Reversing your Caravan RV or Trailer can be a very daunting experience for the new and experienced travellers, especially when you cannot see the blindside or have a very awkward caravan site to reverse into. This is where the ReverseMate will help you position your RV into your desired site.

I have travelled Australia in a Motorhome and a Fifth Wheeler and as a result of my travelling I have firsthand knowledge and experience of the difficulties one can endure when reversing on your own or with a spotter, for that reason I designed the ReverseMate to make life easier.

When you arrive at the caravan park the staff will allocate you a site. If you are lucky they may have a drive through site available, but on most occasions the sites can be awkward to reverse into. Below is some information on how the ReverseMate will help you easily reverse into your site.

Our ReverseMate video will give you a run through on how to set-up the markers,

  1. Firstly look at the site to see if there can be any Danger to people when you are reversing in the park. Look where all the services are such as power and water connections. You do not want to reverse over them as this can be a very costly exercise. This happened to a caravanner next to me, they finished up with a $1,600.00 bill plus the disruption to other travellers in the park without water and power.
  2. Look where you would like the rear of your RV to be parked.
  3. Using the built in tape attached to the ReverseMate, measure 2.8m from rear edge of slab to the rear marker (B) as per diagram below. That measurement allows for 100mm from the edge of the slab to your RV and 2.4m for the width of your RV and 300mm clearance from your RV to the rear marker (B). These measurements are also shown in the ReverseMate video.
  4. Step out the length of your RV. Once you have that distance you can now setup front marker (A) by stepping out from rear marker (B) step forward the distance of your RV. Then place the front marker (A) on the ground this should be 2.8m away from the front slab. Now your markers are setup.
  5. Check the site again for any Danger, then hop into your tow vehicle and start reversing using your driver’s side mirror. Glance in your offside mirror from time to time to see if there is any danger. Now once the rear wheel of your RV reaches front marker (A) start turning your wheel so the rear of your RV starts to line up with rear marker (B) this should be 300mm away from the markers (A & B). Once the rear of your RV reaches rear marker (B) you have successfully parked your RV into the site, it is that simple.

There are other Caravan & RV reversing alternatives on the market but none as simple and safe to use as the ReverseMate. They can also be used at night with the LED’s.

I had a reversing camera mounted on the rear of my RV, it was okay but only showed a tunnel vision of where I was going when reversing, it did not show where my RV was positioned on the blindside. As a result I had to keep hopping in and out of my tow vehicle. This can get quite frustrating especially when a lot of people are looking at the way you are parking, as I was a solo traveller.

I have seen many couples shouting at each other over the years when the spotter says go left when they mean right. If they had a ReverseMate they would not need a spotter as depicted in the video.

Our product, the ReverseMate is 600mm long, weighs 2.6kgs and fits into the bag supplied. They are easily stored ready for the next time you need to park your RV.