With so many new gadgets on the market each month, caravanning is becoming more sophisticated. What accessories should you add to your caravan’s most-loved accessory list? There are many options, including vacuums, vacuum cleaners, privacy screens, and break-resistant crockery. A simple set-up is always more enjoyable. Keep the items that are used twice and get rid of the rest.

This is not a comprehensive list of caravan accessories and must-haves that you need for your caravan adventures in Australia. This is a list of accessories that make caravanning easier and more enjoyable, depending on your style of travel.

INTERIOR Caravan Accessories

Sirocco 12 Volt Fans

A few 12-volt Sirocco fans were one of our most loved caravan accessories.

There are four of them, one for each of you and one for your bed. These bad boys will come in handy when you go camping and caravanning off-grid in the Australian heat.

We didn’t want them to be as expensive, so we bought these. There are probably other options on the market that work as well. But you won’t know until your try.

Let us know if you have tried another brand that worked really well in the comments.

There are many things to love about Sirocco fans:

  • There are 3-speed settings.
  • 3 different timer settings.

Washing Machine

Ask the caravanning community on Facebook if they would travel with an onboard Washing Machine. The overwhelming answer is always “yes!”

Washing your laundry at a Laundromat will cost you between $4 and $8 per load. This can quickly add up, especially if you have children.

A load per day in your caravan Washing Machine can stop the washing pile breeding. It’s worth it. We wouldn’t consider caravanning without one.

They are trusted by so many people that they will easily use a small inverter.

Our onboard machine is run through our 350-watt inverter with no problems.

Scrubba wash bag

The simplest caravan accessory to get the washing done while on the road is the Scrubba wash bag. They are very compact. They can be folded up and stored away in a compact way. The Scrubba wash bag has an integrated washboard that cleans your clothes.

Dustbuster Vacuum

The Dustbuster Vacuum is a popular accessory for caravans that I love. I wish I had bought it sooner.

Although you can choose a 12-volt option for your device, I recommend that you go with a quality brand to ensure it has good sucking power. We tried a cheap $49 model and returned it within a week.

We finally got one of the Black & Decker Lithium Dustbusters. It’s amazing! It charges our inverter easily while we are off-grid so that we don’t have to mop the floors.

Smart TV 12 Volt

Many people think that camping is a waste of time if they’re just going to be watching TV. “No! Camping is more like glamping.” It’s no surprise that 12 volt TVs are the most sought-after accessories for caravans.

A 12-volt SmartTV is essential for people who travel frequently or live on the move. Sometimes, it’s just a rainy day that makes you want to curl up with a good movie. We sure do!

We were looking for a Smart TV when there wasn’t much else. It’s only a few decades old, and many of the Apps are outdated and impossible to update. It is rapidly becoming obsolete. We just ordered the most recent NCE 12v SmartTV. It’s worth a try.

Mattress Topper/Upgraded Mattress

It’s obvious that standard caravan mattresses are a disaster. They are not ideal for long-term travel. You might be able to live with them for a weekend or holiday, but they won’t do the trick for extended periods.

A Mattress Topper is the first thing you should try. This is not the $30 mattress topper. Eggshell toppers are sold at Target, and good quality ones from Clark Rubber. There are many other options. There are many items on eBay worth checking out, depending on your personal preferences.

After trying a Mattress Topper, we decided after 6 months to get a Makin’ Mattresses custom-made mattress. It was the best thing we did ever!

Magnetic Whiteboard

A Magnetic Whiteboard is one of our most requested caravan accessories. Let me tell you why.

Magnetic whiteboardsThese are great for noting down information at the campground, grocery store and other points of interest that you might want to visit on your trip.

These are also great places to keep your shopping list, information about caravan parks, tourist pamphlets, and any bills that you need to pay.

One hangs above the kitchen bench. It acts as a ‘dumping ground’ for any important information we need or want to remember. However, the bench can be used for pouring drinks or preparing food.

Towels that Dry Quickly

These accessories are a great addition to any caravan accessory list. Nothing is worse than constantly damp towels in your caravan.

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time or space to dry your bath towels while on holiday. You can double them up as beach towels if you need them.

Quick-drying towels are available from many companies. Many are made of microfibres, which are controversial. Some are made from even more controversial materials like Recycled bottles and yarns.

Do your research to find the right brand and style for you.

Diesel Heater

A Diesel Heater is a must-have for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient in caravanning or camping. The Diesel Heater will keep you warm all winter without relying on Caravan Parks for heat or split-system air conditioners.

If you are handy, they’re easy to put in yourself. No more are the days of fe=reezing your backside off. They are now available for purchase on eBay by anyone who is willing to pay a few hundred.

You can also visit Ab Fab Travels to get more tips for insulating your van in extremely cold weather.

Levelling Device

A levelling device is necessary for your caravan. However, it doesn’t need to be fancy. An old Spirit Level is sufficient.

Some people prefer to place one on the drawbar so that they can check the level of the van while winding down the jockey wheel. Some people just place one on the kitchen table to check the level of the van after the stabilisers have been installed. You can adjust things as needed.

Another trick is to place a glass of water on the bench to see how level the water is. This trick has been used many times before.

Basic Toolkit

Even if your skills aren’t the greatest, it’s still important to have a few basic tools on hand when you travel in Australia. Your kit will be larger if you are very handy or mechanical.

Here are some tools you might want to look at:

  • Stanley knife;
  • Hammer
  • Different Philips head and flat head screwdrivers;
  • Pliers (plus needle-nosed pliers);
  • Cutters
  • Zip ties;
  • Duct tape
  • Shifter
  • Spanner set
  • Set of sockets

Log Book

These Caravanning With Kids Logbooks are perfect for anyone interested in tracking the distance you travel and other aspects of your journey.

Keep an eye out for:

  • You can rate the places you’d like to stay and add additional notes.
  • Kilometres your trailer travels;
  • Fuel consumption

Scratch Map of Australia

These new Scratch Maps are amazing! You can mark each place you visit on your Scratch Maps as you travel around the country.

These are a great keepsake you can continue to add to as you travel to new places. Children love to mark where they have been and show them to their grandparents.

KITCHEN Caravan Accessories

rv accessories caravan

Woman cooking in the camper, motorhome RV interior. Family vacation travel, holiday trip in motorhome, Caravan car Vacation.

Corelle Crockery

While plasticware is useful for camping and caravanning, some people prefer to eat in sturdy containers. Corelle Crockery is a top-rated caravan accessory.

The Corelle’s most significant draw is its unbreakability and lightweight.

Corelle dinnerware has many benefits

  • It is lightweight
  • Stackable,
  • Unbreakable,
  • Reasonably priced
  • You can buy the pieces separately or in a set.
  • There are many designs to choose from

Insulated Travel Mugs and Tumblers

There are several things you should consider when packing glasses and mugs into your caravan. First, consider “are they going to break?” Then, think about “how heavy are these things?”

These are the best Insulated travel mugs and tumblers. You don’t need to worry about that. They are worthy of a spot on our most popular caravan accessories list.

They are lightweight and come with a lid handy for beverages that need to be taken along in the fridge. The stainless steel construction also ensures they won’t crack. They come in fun colours so that everyone can have their own.

Stackable Cookware

You all know how much space pans and pots take up. But these handy kits can be folded up. The kit includes two pots, a pan, and a kettle with handles. All of them can be folded together to form a small stack.

Caravan EXTERIOR Accessories

Outdoor Flooring Mat

An Outdoor Flooring Mat is a must-have accessory for your caravan. While we all wish to camp on lush green grass all the time, that’s not possible in Australia.

It is suitable for grass, dirt, and sand. The best part about the mats is that dirt and sand can easily pass through them.

It will save your motorhome or caravan floor from getting so filthy.

Privacy Screen for Awnings

It was a blessing that our caravan came equipped with an Awning Privacy screen. I doubt we would have purchased one without it. Although we have only used it a few times, we are grateful that it was there.

We also have the End Wall, which has been a great addition. A Privacy Screen is a great addition to any caravan accessory list.

An Awning Privacy Screen is a great benefit

  • Privacy on overcrowded camping sites
  • Shade and protection from the elements (sunny, windy, rain)
  • This helps to identify your campsite during busy times.

Straps & Pegs

You should always have some items to help you secure your awning during windy conditions. You may find yourself having a calm morning, but when you return to camp, it is blowing in the gale. Securing your awning can save you lots of headaches.

Some will be needed, such as Guy Ropes Or Ratchet Straps Plus, a wide range of pegs.

Fold-up Step

Even though you may not use it all the time, this is an indispensable accessory for caravanning.

A Portable Step can make it easier to get in and out of your van when the ground is very far away. You can also use them as a happy hour table.


A washing machine is essential for any vehicle that travels on the roads. Even if your car doesn’t have a washing line, you will still need towels and clothes to dry.

There are many options, but you can choose the one that best suits your travel needs.

Caravanning washing line options:

  • Portable Camping Clothesline
  • Pegless clothesline
  • Horse/ Airer Fold-up Clothes
  • Rope with springs at the end (to tie between poles and trees)
  • Permanent Awning Clothesline

The permanent clothesline that attaches to the awning is the best option. It’s both compact and practical. We also have rope and springs in case we need extra clothes drying space.

Smalls Hanger

These small Smalls Hangers can be used to save space on your washing machine. They can be used for socks, undies (swimsuits), small shirts, and togs (shorts & shirts).

The Smalls Hanger’s other great feature is its ability to be used while on the move.

It’s also portable, so you can go out and get those last few items that need to dry faster.


A good barbecue is one of the most beloved accessories for caravans.

We have the weber Q2000. The family-sized version is the best. It is the perfect size to have two Weber frypans on the go – one for meat and the other for vegetables. The BBQ is a versatile accessory that can be used as an oven since we don’t own one in our van.

There are many camper and portable barbeque products available on the market, and you can purchase them from eBay and retail outlets.

Reusable barbecue mat

These reusable BBQ mats are a top-rated caravan accessory for 2021, and we agree. It is a great addition to any gear.

These BBQ mats can be used on your own barbecue to clean your plate and grill, or they can be used for public barbecues. Public barbeques can get quite dirty. But a BBQ Mat will ensure that your grill and cooking surfaces are clean.

After you’re done, wipe the mat clean with a damp cloth.


We’d be happy to tell you our #1 caravan accessory, the BBQARM.

It has greatly simplified our set-up, cut down on set-up/pack up time, and reduced the amount of stuff we have to take.

The BBQARM is permanently mounted to the van’s side. We can swing the arm out for transport and then slip the tray into the tunnel boot. There are no awkward tables or stands required for the barbecue.

Camp Chairs

The humble camping ChairThis is a very important item to have on your caravan accessories wish list.

It’s worthwhile to invest in quality chairs for every member of the family. These chairs can be used as lounge or dining chairs when you travel. Before purchasing, make sure everyone has a chance to try out the Camp Chairs in BCF!

Remember that the poor pay twice. From the beginning, invest in quality Camp Chairs.

Levelling Ramps & Chocks

Campgrounds are not always level and nice, despite our best efforts to make them so. A well-maintained Caravan Park is the best place to ensure you don’t need Levelling Ramps and Chocks.

You will need a set of levelling ramps and chocks if you plan on camping in the bush, free camping, showground camping or other camping than Caravan Parks.

DO35 Hitch

The Cruisemaster DO35 Hitch is the most well-known caravanning hitch available today.

This hitch provides high articulation, so the trailer can follow you on any terrain. High articulation provides safety for the driver in case of an accident.

McHitch is another reputable brand, but Cruisemaster seems the most well-known.

Trailer Lock

A Trailer Lock is another popular item for your caravan accessories. You need to make sure your caravan is secured every time you unhitch it.

The style of your hitch will determine which lock you purchase. There are many options available, so it is worth doing some research to find the right one for you. All three of the above suits the Cruisemaster DO35.

Water Jerry Can

While travelling through Australia, it is important to have some spare water. You don’t want your water to boil in Australia, which is a dry and hot country.

Even if you travel from one Caravan Park or another, it is possible to get stuck on the side of a road and wait for help.

If you are like us and like to freedom camp often, it is a good idea to have as much water as possible. There have been times when we were unable to access the water because of an airlock in our caravan water pump. We don’t need to worry as much if we have a spare 20L of water with us at all time.

Water Bladder

You’ve ever been camping that you don’t want out of, but your water is running dry?

You can extend your Bush Camping/Free Camping stay with just a Water Bladder.

We have a 150L version that we bought from eBay. When we fill it up, it fits perfectly across the back floor. The kids can just place their feet on it or cross their legs. It’s kept in the car back the rest of the day, rolled up.

We can fill our tanks with 170L more water by using the 20L jerrycan and 150L bladder. This extends our stay for another few days.

Hose bag

These handy Hose Bags make it easy to organise your hoses. One bag could be used for your greywater hose, while the other one is for your drinking water.

Diverse Tap Fittings & Hose Connectors

You won’t find fittings or connections on taps you come across while travelling Australia. Even if they did, people will often knock them out.

Prepare and ensure you have a variety of food items. Hose connections are available for all occasions. There’s a good chance that you will leave yours somewhere along the route, and you won’t even realise it until you fill up again.

Water filter inline

While most Australian drinking water is of good quality, it’s possible to get sick from the water. There are always surprises, and each town has a different water quality.

An Inline Water Filter is the best way to filter your water before it reaches your tanks. Get an Inline Water Filter 2-Pack of Water Filters, so you’ve always got a spare.

Bike Rack

If you are in a position to order a caravan brand new, I recommend installing a Bike Rack right away. These are Fiamma Bike Racks. During the construction process, they will need to be attached to the wall.

Even if you don’t plan on taking your bike with you, it’s a selling point since many people are searching for Bike Racks (especially bunk vans). They make your life easier if you have kids!

These are the options if you couldn’t get a bike rack in place when your caravan was being constructed. Spare Tyre Bike Racks are great for sitting on your spare. One of these was used for the children’s bikes, and the Fiamma rack held the adult bikes.

Combination bike locks

It is super convenient to have one or more combination bike locks. These locks can be used for more than just locking up bikes. We’ll use these locks if we go out and feel that we have to.

They aren’t foolproof. Anyone could cut through them. However, it will take them time, and the lock acts as a deterrent. You can’t just get up and walk in a hurry.

POWER Caravan Accessories

12 Volt System

These days, caravans come standard with 12-volt battery systems. This is great. If your caravan doesn’t come with one, and you wish to be able to camp off-grid longer without worrying about power, then you should invest in a high-quality 12-volt system. A couple of quality solar panels is necessary, as well as plenty of storage for the batteries.

Because nobody makes friends with generators…

We are power users. Two laptops, two tablets and two power tools are charged regularly. We also run a washing machine every day using our 12-volt system.

Our 12 volt Power System:

  • Permanent power supply: 450 watts solar panels on the roof
  • 325 amp hours Lead Crystal Batteries (3 x 110 ah batteries);
  • Redarc BCDC 1240D 3-stage battery charger(Automatically chooses the best power source);
  • 60 amp Enerdrive Multi-stage 3-Bank Charger. Only for use with 240 volts
  • 350-watt Redarc Inverter;
  • BM-1 Battery Management System Digital gauge

We have only used the generator under the bed once, and that was to check and make sure that it would run the air conditioner. It was 2 years ago, and it has never been used since.

Generators are useful, but you don’t need one unless there’s an emergency or severe weather.


An Inverter is a must-have accessory for your caravan.

An inverter is a device that allows you to plug normal appliances into your 12-volt power supply to charge them.

You can run appliances that consume a lot of energy, like a coffee machine or toaster. You’ll then need a larger Inverter that can handle a few thousand watts.

Only one thing is available to us: 350-watt Redarc Inverter – It powers all our laptops, power tools, and even the caravan washer! We are happy that it does what we need.

Portable Solar Panel

A Portable Solar Panel is a popular addition to your caravan accessories. Ours is used almost every day (when we aren’t driving) to charge our car’s auxiliary battery, which powers the fridge.

A portable solar panel can also be useful if you have an Anderson Plug wired up. This will allow you to plug it into your caravan and give your van battery a boost during overcast days.

Some people love the Fold-up panels. Others prefer Solar Blankets.

12 Volt USB Charger Outlets

These12 volt USB Charger OutletsIf you don’t own a new van, these are essential accessories for caravans. The new vans come with USB charging points. Older vans will have the 12v lighter sockets.

These little guys are worth every penny, as they have so many devices that require charging.

These are also great for charging older vehicles that do not have USB charging points.

SAFETY Caravan Accessories

Alarms (Smoke & Carbon Monoxide)

A Smoke Alarm and a Carbon Monoxide Detector are the first items you will need to complete your caravanning safety accessories checklist.

Carbon monoxide is formed when fuels like wood, oil, and coal don’t burn well. Carbon monoxide poisoning may occur in enclosed spaces that have not been ventilated well or if there is an existing carbon monoxide leak. Although rare, these cases are not uncommon. This is why it’s so important to have an alarm installed.

These little devices could save your family’s lives.

Both alarms can be purchased at Bunnings or eBay.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket

It is essential to have a Fire Extinguisher in your caravan. It is a legal requirement that all vans have one. However, it is worth checking that your Fire Extinguisher is in good condition, easy to find and that it has not expired.

A Fire Blanket is an additional useful addition. A Fire Blanket doesn’t expire unless it’s been used. They are much more efficient than using the Extinguisher to set up a spot fire.

You should ensure that you have a Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket.

First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kits

These Survival First Aid Kits have everything you need to deal with any medical situation that might arise on your trip around Australia. Although you can make your own First Aid kit, it is likely that there are things you will miss if you are not a professional in medicine.

Caravan & RV Reversing Accessories

Let’s face it, caravanning doesn’t just involve the caravan. Your tow vehicle is what makes caravanning possible. There are many accessories available for your car. Some accessories are essential for modern life, as a great Dash Cam. But not all accessories are essential.

Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are another essential accessory for caravans. There are many options available on the market today, so make sure to do your research to find the right one for you.

Clearview Mirrors are permanent and the best for long-term and full-time travellers. You can choose to use removable mirrors if you need them occasionally while you’re on holiday.

Different types of towing mirrors

  • Towing mirrors with clamp-on locks?
  • Strap-On Towing mirrors?
  • Towing mirrors in ratchet style?
  • Suction Cup Towing Mirrors?
  • Clearview Towing Mirrors.

Reverse Camera

A Reversing Camera is a great benefit of modern technology. These cameras make life easier on the road!

To assist with hitching up, some people install a Reversing Camera at the rear of their car. For greater visibility, when you reverse into camp, some caravans have an additional Reversing Camera.

ReverseMate RV and Caravan Reversing Device.

This handy gadget helps with reversing in and out of those situations you dread. It’s simple to set up and helps guide you in your reversing efforts. It’s Australian invented and patented.

Get yours here: ReverseMate.

Miscellaneous Accessories

UHF Radio

This accessory is a must-have for anyone who plans to travel in Australia.

There are many reasons to use a UHF

  • You can be reached by other drivers on the roads;
  • You can reach out to other drivers.
  • Truck drivers can communicate with you even when they are overtaking.
  • You can hear when Oversized Loads are coming to you.
  • Keep an eye out for information that might be relevant to your situation on the road.

Handheld UHF

Also known as “Marriage Savers!”

These tiny gadgets are often called “marriage savers”. You don’t want your couple shouting instructions while trying to reverse into the campsite.

One person can talk outside while the other listens inside the car on the UHF Radio.

Car Fridge/ Freezer

Although you can live without a spare Fridge, it is possible to store more.

It’s important to remember that grocery stores are often scarce once you reach the Outback when travelling around Australia. You can travel longer if you have the ability to stockpile more.

Car Fridge/ Freezer. This allows you to free up space in your caravan fridge by storing your drinks in the back or use it as an extra fridge/freezer.

Air Compressor

It is so convenient to have your own Air Compressor while you travel Australia.

You can pump your tyres up as soon as you get off the corrugated track without having to go to a Service Station. These are also great for pumping the bike tyres.

You will need the authorisation to install Air Bag Suspension in your vehicle.

Fuel Jerry Can

It is not a good idea to spend time at petrol stations without fuel when travelling around Australia. You should always have spare fuel in Australia, especially outback areas where fuel stations can be a bit further away.

There have been times when we were hit by a headwind or a mountain range, and the fuel disappeared before our eyes. It’s better not to regret using it than to be well prepared.

The Jerry Can is a very popular accessory for caravans, and it’s not hard to see why!

Dirty Gear Bag

The humble is our last accessory for caravans.

You can store your rubbish and recycling there until you have a place to put it. Or stash away any dirty gear such as straps, wheel chocks, and levelling ramps. It can also be used to store toys for children.

Most of the best caravan and RV accessories in Australia can be found on eBay