One of Australia’s most popular sites for Caravanners has recently carried out a Review and Test of the ReverseMate a reversing aid for Caravans and RVs.

They say public speaking is the biggest fear of most Australians, but many owners of big caravans will testify that backing their tandem axle beast into a tight spot at a busy caravan park, with a snickering crowd watching, is more nerve wracking.

Caravan Camping Sales undertook a series of test using the Reverse Mate to help them position an 18 foot Caravan into position, due to Covid 19 using a Caravan Park was out of the question.

They concluded by saying :

We’d recommend the ReverseMate as a good learning tool for first-time caravanners, along with solo travellers and those with larger tandem axle vans. It could also serve as a ‘marriage saving’ device for caravanning couples, and it’s a lot cheaper although less convenient than fitting a reverse camera.