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All-In-One RV Clothesline HOW TO INSTALL

All-In-One RV Clothesline HOW TO INSTALL

All-In-One RV Clothesline with Reversible Brackets and built-in Tie Down Clips


  1. Roll out your awning to your desired pitch usually 8 metre / 6 feet from the ground.
  2. Remove the two brackets from the box, left-hand and right-hand plus a center support bracket.
  3. Once you have decided whether you want the clothesline on the outside or under the awning place the right-hand bracket over the roller tube close to the end support arm, then tighten up the clamp using the black knob. Once that bracket is secured, install the left-hand bracket the same way as the right-hand bracket.
  4. After completing Step 3 tie a knot at the end of the wire as shown in picture and start to thread the clothesline wire through the first hole closest to the awning tube. Feed the wire through the center support bracket. Then feed wire into the other end bracket and work back to the other end bracket. Supplied are 2 plastic tensioners, one is for a spare Install the tensioner where you started feeding the wire through as per picture and start to tension both wires.

RV & Caravan Clothesline Brackets, Wire Tensioner

  1. There is an awning support cradle built in. The small tube on the underside of the Cradle is where a tent pole can be located to take the weight of the awning tube when hanging out the washing on the line. “Poles Not Supplied”
  2. Once the awning is tied down by using guy ropes or straps, install another support pole under the center support bracket. “Pole Not Supplied”

Please Note: Some Aussie Traveller awning tubes have dome head screws. These will have to be changed to countersunk or flathead screws as the brackets will not clamp tightly around the tube. Please contact Aussie Traveller re size of screws.

Aussie Traveller Awning Tube.

Please NoteSome late model Carefree awnings have plastic covers. Check there is at least 25mm gap between the vinyl and the end support arm of the awning.

Carefree Awning Cowel


When tying down awnings it is the responsibility of the person carrying out the procedure to realise the straps and guy ropes are only a precautionary measure.

When strong and excessive winds prevail awnings should be wound in to prevent any damage to your awning. 

Remove clothesline before retracting the awning as serious damage can be done to the awning and the clothesline.

Screw in Pegs Made in Australia

Screw in Pegs Made in Australia

Screw in Pegs Australian MadeScrew in Pegs Australian Made


Firma in the Ground

Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia

Australian Design Registration No 202213443

Our new range of Aluminum Screw in Pegs come in two sizes, the Terra-Bite which is 295mm long and the Terra-Big Bite which is 365mm long. We have designed the head of the pegs with a taper so when screwing the pegs into the ground the hook and eye will be flush with the ground. We have a provision in the head of the peg for placing a strong piece of round bar into the pegs so they can be screwed into the ground by hand or use a standard 17mm socket with a ratchet.

Once the Terra-Pegs are screwed into the ground by hand or using the 17mm drill adapter socket, it is easy to attach the guy ropes and trace springs through either the hook or eye.

The Terra-Pegs have been designed to be used without the need for all the different types of plastic attachments that are supplied with other pegs on the market. How many times have the plastic attachments been lost when packing up, then not being able to use the pegs.

We hope to have the Terra-Pegs for sale approximately January 2023.

RV retail inquiries welcome. Contact us [email protected]


RV & Caravan Rollout Awning Clothesline, Made in Australia

RV & Caravan Rollout Awning Clothesline, Made in Australia


The makers of the innovative Reverse Mate caravan reversing aid have come up with another great all-Aussie invention designed to make life easier for caravanners on the road.

Due to go on sale shortly, the new Reverse Mate All-in-One Awning Clothesline is the brainchild of Queensland resident Grahame Pilgrim, an experienced RV traveller and serial inventor with a background in engineering and building.

Pilgrim says his latest invention takes up less storage space than an umbrella-type or fold-up clothesline. It also won’t blow over in the wind, and can dry many more items as well as larger items at the one time.

“The Reverse Mate All-In-One Clothesline can take full size sheets plus another line spare, (and) they fold up into a 250mm x 210mm x 150mm box,” he says.

RV & Caravan Clothesline, External Line Holds Two Double SheetsRV & Caravan Awning Clothesline Under the Awning All-in-OneRV & Caravan Clothesline Brackets, Wire Tensioner

According to Pilgrim, the two supplied clothesline brackets fit easily over the awning tube, and everything else you need is supplied in the kit including two awning tiedown clips, a centre line support bracket, 15 metres of 4mm plastic coated wire with a 165kg breaking strain, and two plastic strainer clips to tension the wire.

“There are no other brackets on the market that can be used externally or under the awning with built-in tiedown clips, plus no drilling (is) needed to install the clothesline,” he says.

Pilgrim has just finished prototype testing and the final retail versions will be manufactured in Australia.

‘You can install the clothesline either under your awning and still have your privacy screen down, plus (it) can be installed externally if you have an annexe,” he says.

There’s no pricing listed yet on the Reverse Mate website, and Pilgrim says first stock is due to arrive in January 2023. For enquiries email [email protected]

International Patent Pending No PCT/ AU2022/050423.

Australian Design No 202210665

Australian “regd design pending”  No 202214690

RV retail inquiries welcome. Contact us [email protected]

Reversing your Van, RV or Trailer

Reversing your Van, RV or Trailer

Words: Max Taylor :

Managing Editor / Director

Do you struggle to reverse your caravan? Here’s a product that is sure to help. Reversing a caravan safely and accurately is an art as much as it is a learned skill. After years of caravanning, I like to think I can thread almost any needle when backing up. But, in truth, there have still been times when I’ve messed it up to the amusement of onlookers. If this sounds like you, why not try the ReverseMate? I gave it a go recently and was surprised by the difference it made. For people travelling solo, and who therefore don’t have a guide, it would be of particular benefit. HOW IT WORKS The ReverseMate consists of two lightweight, high-vis aluminium marker posts that are clearly well made. These posts are used to mark the desired offside position of the van once in its final position. Here’s the system works… Place the rear marker 2.8m away from your site’s concrete slab (or general awning area) in line with where you’d like the rear of your van to end up. Then, measure the length of your van and place the forward marker that distance away from the rear marker, also 2.8m from the slab. The idea is for the markers to provide a highly visible reference point and, when used correctly, ensure that the van finishes perfectly in line with the slab, with about 100mm of clearance between the van’s nearside wheel(s) and the concrete. The system requires you to back onto your site from the right-hand-side, i.e., you’ll have the markers in the driver’s rearview mirror. It’s very important to be aware of your surroundings and potential pedestrians and obstacles, but by using the leading marker as your main reference point, and swinging the van in with about 300mm of clearance from both markers, your van will line up perfectly. I did discover, however, that the system works best when you’re approaching on a reasonably shallow angle. It seems that a lot of thought has gone into the ReverseMate markers. First, the 600mm-high posts fold into the base, making it a highly portable system. Second, the base of each marker contains an inbuilt tape measure, so it’s very easy to determine 2.8m out from the slab; however, you can step the distance out if you prefer – it’s not always necessary to be precise. Finally, each marker contains its own LED light: an amber light for the rear marker and a white light, which can double as a work light, for the leading marker. This will make it much easier to perfectly reverse your caravan at night. Once folded up, the ReverseMate posts can be stored in the supplied carry bag and stowed in the boot of the van, or wherever there’s a spare nook or cranny. After a couple of trial runs at a caravan park, I backed the caravan accurately onto site with the aid of the ReverseMate. Climbing out of the vehicle, I was pleased to see precisely 100mm of clearance between the van’s nearside wheel and slab. The high-vis markers provided excellent, bright reference points, which I could clearly see in my driver’s-side mirror at all times. If you’re travelling solo, or are just after a product that will make backing onto site easier, have a look at the ReverseMate. It’s surprisingly simple to use but it makes a big difference. Further, it takes only a moment or two to set up.

RV & Caravan Rollout Awning Clothesline, Made in Australia

RV, Caravan and Trailer Awning Clothesline: Better, Best

The ReverseMate All-In-One Awning Clothesline with built in Tiedown Clips makes drying clothes easier for RV Travellers.

We are proud to say our All-In-One Clothesline is being manufactured in Australia.

There are a lot of travellers on the road going from place to place these days and find themselves in need of a clothesline. The laundry facilities in most of the campgrounds have limited amount of electric dryers for your convenience but you can still wait a long time until one is available, and they cost you a lot of money. The down side is you do not know what has been previously dried in these dryers e.g. dog blankets.  We have heard recently that some RV Parks are installing electric meters and this will be an additional cost to travellers if you use your own washer and dryer in your RV.

For occasions when using the dryer is neither feasible nor preferable for delicate or special care items, daily drying of dish cloths, bath towels, swimsuits, beach towels as well as finishing damp laundry that did not completely dry in the coin-operated machines this is where the ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline will make life easier for travellers.  As per the pictures below, you can install the clothesline either under your awning and still have your privacy screen down plus can be installed externally if you have an annexe.

Sometimes access to a permanently-placed clotheslines in an RV Park is not convenient or available. A number of travellers use an umbrella-type clothesline. Even though these fold up the clotheslines can be quite large when you do not have much space to store them.  As many travellers would know this type of clothesline can blow over when the winds pick up and is limited to the amount of washing you can put on them.  The ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline can take full size sheets plus another line spare, they fold up into a 250mm x 210mm x 150mm box.


Our RV Rollout Awning Clothesline brackets simply fit over the awning tube. There is no need to purchase any additional items to install our clothesline brackets.

There are no other brackets on the market that can be used externally or under the awning with built in tiedown clips plus no drilling needed to install the clothesline,

Warning make sure the All-In-One Clothesline is removed prior to retracting the awning.

Our New All-In-One RV & Caravan Clothesline includes:

  1. Two adjustable brackets that fit over the awning tube.
  2. The brackets have two awning tiedown clips, one to be used when the line is outside the awning and the other when installed under the awning.
  3. Centre line support bracket to minimise the sagging of the wire.
  4. 15 metres of 4mm plastic coated wire with 165 kg breaking strain, two plastic strainer clip to tension the wire..
  5. The Clothesline centre support.

The ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline has a

International Patent Pending Number PCT/ AU2022/050423.

Australian Design Number 202210665

Australian Regd Design Number 202214690

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reverse Mate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation. 

We will have stock in January 2023, if you would any further information, please contact [email protected]

External All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineSheets on External All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineExternal View Sheets under Awning - All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineAll-In- One Clothesline Brackets

Quality of The ReverseMate, Better & Best

Quality of The ReverseMate, Better & Best

Grahame Pilgrim, Inventor and Owner of Reverse Mate Pty Ltd manufactures the ReverseMate Products to the highest QUALITY.

If you have a question regarding the ReverseMate please send an email to [email protected]

When we decided to manufacture the ReverseMate it was at the beginning of Covid19, so travelling to our manufacturer was totally out of the question, as a result we had twelve months of emails and drawings back and forth before we could get our first prototype manufactured.

Once we received the first sample of the ReverseMate we realised there had to be some changes for the better, such as putting end plates where the LED lights fold down into the angle. This was done to stop the LED lights from accidently being turned on when they were put into the carry bag. Another change was to replace the 3m tape with a 5m tape to give more flexibility when setting out the position of your Caravan or RV.

The ReverseMate are manufactured to the Highest Quality using aluminium, this is for lightness and strength. The angles and the marker poles are powder coated.

When completed we had two strips of reflective tapes placed around the tubes for extra visibility at night.

All the metal fittings used are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel so will not rust.

We placed nylon washers between the tube and the angle so the tube will not scratch when putting the tube up and down. These fitting can be seen in the pictures below.

There are two LED lights, one LED is bright white and can be used as a work light and the other LED is amber.

When reversing at night place the white LED light at the front of your Caravan and the amber LED light at the rear.

We supply EASY to follow instructions and a carry bag.

Total Weight of the ReverseMate is 2.6 Kgs

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reversemate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation. 

ReverseMate Quality Product