How To Use The ReverseMate

The ReverseMate markers help when reversing your RV, Caravan or Trailer into your desired site.

Supplied are 2 high visible markers with 5m tapes, plus LED lights for when you need to park at night.

When you arrive at your designated site it is a matter of just setting out the marker as per diagram below.

The measurement of 2.8m on the diagram equals 100mm from slab to side of your RV, 2.4m for width of RV and 300mm to markers.

Set rear marker “B” 2.8m away from the slab, then step out the length of your RV, then place marker “A”at the same distance away as marker “B” 2.8m from the slab.

Once you have placed the markers start reversing into your site using your driver’s side mirror.

When the rear wheel of your RV reaches marker “A” turn your steering wheel so as the rear of your RV lines up with marker “B” allowing 300mm clearance from your RV to the edge of the markers. 

 Visit our BLOG Pages and watch the Instructional Video.

Total weight of ReverseMate is 2.6 kg, and folds down to 600mm long, 100mm wide and 70mm high.



Durable aluminum with 316 Stainless steel fittings


Highly visible orange markers with LED lights


White LED can be used as a work light


Built-in 5m / 26ft tape measure


Comes with a carry bag and Instructions


12 Months Warranty / LED Batteries not included in Warranty


Total Weight 2.6 kgs x 600mm long x 100 wide x 70mm high




Reflective Tape


Bright Hi-Vis Coloured


Ultra Strong LED Lights


The White LED can be used as a work light

Reversing cameras are not always the best option when it comes to RV, Caravan and Motorhome reversing aids. That’s where ReverseMate™ can be a simpler and cheaper alternative. 

A Smart Design For A Caravan REVERSING AccessorY

The ReverseMate™ is a smart caravan reversing accessory designed for simplicity yet common sense. It allows you to effortlessly reverse into your site and not having to worry about lining the Blindside with your slab.

RV Reversing AccessorY That IS Simple

RV towing and reversing can be stressful, especially if you are not used to it or have a tight spot at the local caravan park. We have developed this accessory to help combat that situation. 

Reversing Your RV Can Be A Headache

RV’s and bulky vehicles can be tricky to reverse in most situations. Our reversing aids help when you need a safe and efficient way of performing this task. With its straightforward design and simple setup, it’s a convenient tool to have at your disposal.

A Great Alternative To Caravan & RV Reversing Courses

Our reversing aids are a great alternative to caravan and RV reversing courses.  The Markers are easy to setup by using the How to Use instructions above.  You can teach yourself how to reverse into tight spots in no time.