Wouldn’t you be more embarrassed knocking down a utilities post and incurring a $1,600.00 bill??

This happened to a guy next to me in a caravan park and he had a spotter...…..I bet he wished he had a ReverseMate!!!!

Very often, when talking to Caravan, RV and Boat owners, I get a comment like the title of this Post… Everyone “Claims” to know how to reverse and most aren’t game to admit that they are bad at reversing.

Everyone can Learn how to Reverse correctly with a bit of practice, but most of us don’t get to practice very much, so by the time we do need to reverse we are under pressure from our travelling partner to get parked. Worst of all are the Onlookers in the caravan parks with their refreshments in hand, just waiting for you to make a mess reversing your RV.

There is No Need to be Embarrassed by using the ReverseMate !!!

Having owned large trucks and reversing them, this was a different ball game, but when it came to reversing my RV into a caravan site using my reversing camera this did not help me when lining up the blindside so I could be parked beside the awning pad. I started to get embarrassed when the onlookers with their refreshments in hand and with smirks on their faces watched as I was reversing in and out trying to get my RV in the right position, even though I had a reversing camera it didn’t help.

As a result of travelling in Australia and visiting many caravan parks, I decided there must be a easier and safe method to assist me when reversing into a site in a short time, so I sat down with a pen and paper and drew something that I could use when reversing by using my driver’s side mirror and not needing a spotter as depicted in the video.

The Secret to Effortless Parking was designed by Grahame Pilgrim the inventor of the ReverseMate.