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ReverseMate – A Caravan Reversing Device

The ReverseMate is an excellent alternative to Caravan RV and  Reversing Cameras.

Parking your Caravan RV, Camper Van or Trailer can be a challenge, particularly when you don’t have vision on your blind side. That’s where ReverseMate™ steps in.

  • Saves the cost of a reversing camera. 
  • ReverseMate is a Lightweight & Compact Solution
  • Can be used Day or Night with built in LEDs

How much does it cost to get a reversing camera installed?

The price range for a reversing camera and installation can be upwards of $700 for a quality product, this price can vary depending on your car and the camera equipment being installed, also the complexity of the task.

Do backup cameras have night vision?

Some backup cameras have night vision, but the quality varies. They use an IR LED to produce a image at the rear of your RV  but once again you cannot see the blindside when reversing.

The Best Alternative to a reversing camera is the ReverseMate.

ReverseMates have two LED lights installed, one is a bright White LED this can also be used as a work light in the event of a breakdown, the other is a Amber LED. The two LED lights help when reversing into your site at night .

When the ReverseMates are setup on the driver’s side of your Caravan or RV at night you are able to see LED lights at the top of the markers, after the setup start to reverse and line up the side of your RV with the markers. In addition to the lights there is reflective tape on the markers that stands out.

You can set up these markers within 5 minutes by following the instructions in the video and our blog on ‘How to Reverse a Caravan, RV or Trailer’.

The pictures below show what can happen when reversing a RV.

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reversemate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation.