RV Daily (one of Australia’s most popular Caravan, 4WD and RV websites) has just published a post where they carried out an independent review of our Caravan Reversing Aid – ReverseMate™

In the review, they say:

If reversing your caravan is not your strongest skill
or you want to just avoid being threatened with divorce on your next caravanning holiday,
then ReverseMate may be the answer to your prayers.

and they sum up the product by saying :

Reversing your caravan into a site is a skill that requires lots of practice to get right, and even then, you don’t always nail it every time.  For occasional caravanners or solo travellers, the ReverseMate could prove to be an invaluable tool.  Even if you’re an experienced caravanner, it may help you to avoid those occasions when you stuff it up completely, entertain the onlookers and feel the need to download the divorce papers.


See the full RV Daily Article Here :
Got trouble reversing your caravan? Get a Reverse Mate to help you.