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These days there are a lot of solo women and men travelling around our beautiful country. I met so many when I was travelling on my own, these women and men were from all walks of life. In the old days, it was rare to see solo women towing caravans around this country, now there are thousands of women now living the dream 

Some of the comments to me from women when towing their caravan was it does have its challenges, as we do not have the physical strength to lift and move our van around, setting up the jockey wheel, putting down the levelling jacks, or when a male tightens our gas bottles, then it’s hard to undo. These are just some of the comments made to me. There are always kind people in caravan parks that are very helpful to lend a hand.  

Another challenge of towing without a companion is that you don’t have someone to help in the event you have an accident or an emergency, also someone to talk too while driving along those long open roads. Many women and men mentioned they were comfortable travelling on their own, but you just have to be mindful of wind, don’t overpack the van and take it easy.

As a result of travelling on my own and reversing into caravan sites, I decided that there must be an easier way to reverse into a site without having a spotter and as a result I designed the ReverseMate.

There are many towing courses available, but you only have a few hours training and given some notes to take home. Since I invented the ReverseMate a lot of travellers have made the comments to me, “I wish our trainers had used the ReverseMate as part of our training course and sold them as a reversing tool when we finished the course, it would have given us a lot more confidence, as no two caravan sites are the same.  By using the ReverseMate we would not have to keep getting in and out of our tow vehicle to line up with the blindside of our van”.  

So, solo women and men don’t be scared to take it on. We are capable of doing it. It’s just believing in ourselves and making it happen. 

Happy travelling!

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reversemate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation.