When towing a caravan, it is important to feel confident.

You might feel nervous about towing a Caravan or RV if you’ve never done this previously. There are many challenges ahead of you such as unfamiliar roads, wildlife crossing the roads, then you have your first experience of maneuvering around caravan parks, then reversing your RV into tight site.

Caravanning is a skill that can be learned like any other, with a little help you can overcome these challenges.  Once you have the basics idea, you will soon be able to do it effortlessly. 

At all times Safety should be your main concern, be it on the road or at Caravan and RV parks. 

In Australia there are many Caravan & RV towing and reversing courses available.

You can learn how to tow and reverse your Caravan or RV, with these courses. This is a small investment that will ensure that your family and RV are safe when travelling.

Once you have finished a course you will be more confident to travel to some of the most beautiful Aussie destinations with your Caravan or RV.

ReverseMate is a great alternative to Caravan and RV  reversing courses In Australia. 

The ReverseMate is a easy tool that helps when you are reversing your RV into a site, with these aids you cannot go wrong.

Watch our video on how to setup the markers, then reverse into your your RV site it is that easy. 














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