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Grahame Pilgrim, Inventor and Owner of Reverse Mate Pty Ltd manufactures the ReverseMate Products to the highest QUALITY.

If you have a question regarding the ReverseMate please send an email to [email protected]

When we decided to manufacture the ReverseMate it was at the beginning of Covid19, so travelling to our manufacturer was totally out of the question, as a result we had twelve months of emails and drawings back and forth before we could get our first prototype manufactured.

Once we received the first sample of the ReverseMate we realised there had to be some changes for the better, such as putting end plates where the LED lights fold down into the angle. This was done to stop the LED lights from accidently being turned on when they were put into the carry bag. Another change was to replace the 3m tape with a 5m tape to give more flexibility when setting out the position of your Caravan or RV.

The ReverseMate are manufactured to the Highest Quality using aluminium, this is for lightness and strength. The angles and the marker poles are powder coated.

When completed we had two strips of reflective tapes placed around the tubes for extra visibility at night.

All the metal fittings used are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel so will not rust.

We placed nylon washers between the tube and the angle so the tube will not scratch when putting the tube up and down. These fitting can be seen in the pictures below.

There are two LED lights, one LED is bright white and can be used as a work light and the other LED is amber.

When reversing at night place the white LED light at the front of your Caravan and the amber LED light at the rear.

We supply EASY to follow instructions and a carry bag.

Total Weight of the ReverseMate is 2.6 Kgs

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reversemate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation. 

ReverseMate Quality Product